Harry Kane is well known for being one of the top strikers of the Premier League, but he’s got bigger plans once he moves on from the pitch.

Kane expressed his desire again to be a kicker in the National Football League “in the next 10 to 12 years” in an interview with ESPNFC. The Tottenham Hotspur is known as a huge fan of the NFL, and more specifically, the New England Patriots. He even named his dogs Brady and Wilson after quarterbacks Tom Brady and Russell Wilson.

This isn’t the first time he’s talked about the idea of moving from the England to the United States either. Kane made similar comments back in 2015 although his motive now is a bit stronger. The difference nowadays? The idea seems a lot more realistic thanks to the creation of a certain spring football league.

The Alliance of American Football could be the perfect spot for Kane once he retires his soccer cleats. Serving as an alternative football league that wants to develop, craft and prepare players in hopes of helping them make a roster in the NFL, Kane might be the most fitting example of what the Alliance is looking for.

We’ve seen plenty of guys make the switch from soccer to football early in their careers. However, in the past, we’ve seen a couple of guys try the NFL firsthand but had minimal success. Jonathan Brown played soccer collegiately at the University of Louisville before switching out an upright for a crossbar. He stuck around the Cincinnati Bengals camp for a little before being cut. Back in 1994, former United States goalkeeper Tony Meola spent time in camp with the New York Jets. Known as “Captain Hook” he was cut during the preseason.

There is no doubt that Kane’s world-class skill set makes this switch different from anything we’ve seen before. It’s not often one of the best soccer players in the world wants to transition to another sport and possesses the type of tools Kane does. His 17 goals currently rank second in the Premier League and he’s also the captain of the England national team so many might assume Kane could make the jump better than those prior to him. Nonetheless, kicking an egg-shaped ball compared to one that is round can make quite the difference and wouldn’t be the easiest transition, especially doing it at the highest level of play.

That’s why the AAF is such a good fit for Kane. For starters, we’ve already seen professionals of other sports join the Alliance. Jevoni Robinson, former collegiate basketball player, spent some time for the San Antonio Commanders while Lawrence Okoye, former Olympian discus thrower, actually made the Birmingham Iron squad before being let go for some off-the-field issues. While Kane won’t have to deal with the physicality of the game, he certainly could be the next player to make the transition to American football and represent the flexibility of the Alliance.

And at 26, it’s possible Kane moves on from soccer faster than he stated. The life span of pro footballers isn’t nearly as long as that of a kicker. Couple that with the fact his wish to play in the NFL has grown stronger over the past three years, and who knows where his head could be at in the next decade.

While he might not be widely known in the United States, Kane’s popularity across the pond could also attract more attention for the Alliance worldwide. As for Kane himself, he gets an opportunity to hone his craft and work on his goal of reaching the NFL in hopes of one day being a top-class kicker on the biggest stage.

All in all, both Kane and the AAF could be in position to bolster their success for the future if the two provide their services for each other. It could be a match made in heaven that’s just waiting to happen.