The head ball coach for the Orlando Apollos isn’t buying the talk that the AAF’s demise is coming before the season is over.

“I think we’re definitely good to finish out this year,” Spurrier said.

“But after that, who knows? We’re not thinking about anything but trying to win a championship. That was our goal and we’re sticking to it.”

Spurrier has a team to coach and an Alliance Championship to win, so it’s understandable he’s not focusing too much on the long-term prospects of the AAF.

Spurrier also described what the original goal of the AAF was, and how the blueprint has changed under chairman Tom Dundon.

“The Alliance was started under the pretense of signing players who aren’t in the NFL and giving them a chance to play in our league. And if they play well enough in our league, then maybe they’ll get the opportunity to play in the NFL. That was the original plan, but obviously the plan has changed.”

Spurrier went on to say that Orlando wants to finish this season out. His comments about the plan changing are telling, and shows there’s a disconnect between Dundon and virtually everyone else associated with the AAF, be it Charlie Ebersol, Bill Polian, or every coach in the AAF.

The future of the AAF remains quite uncertain thanks to the antics of Dundon, but Spurrier’s comments remain encouraging, as he feels confident the AAF will get to the finish line of season number one.