Arizona Hotshots head coach Rick Neuheisel had a really on the point comment in regards to the swirling rumors of what will become of the AAF after chairman Tom Dundon said the league may fold if a partnership with the NFLPA doesn’t transpire:

This is the correct approach and logical strategy of the matter. The league isn’t even through its first season yet, the league is in its infancy, and for some sort of solidified partnership happening with the NFL in this short period of time wouldn’t be all that realistic.

The AAF’s strategy before Dundon came on board was growing the league on its own merits, incrementally, before the NFL swooped in to the picture fully a year or two down the road. Dundon is trying to expedite this process drastically, and by doing so he may be hurting negotiations with the NFLPA. Its also worth noting that Dundon is not part of the negotiations with the NFLPA but spoke to the media about his view of said negotiations.

I fully support Neuheisel’s statement and believe what he said to be true. Dundon needs to be patient, the doubters need to be patient, the league can grow, it just needs more time. Broadcast networks like CBS and TNT have added more games to their platform for a reason this year… the ratings have been good.

It takes a while for any startup to grow, and a new football league is no exception, with time, with word of mouth, a professional football league, albeit a developmental one, can flourish this time of year.

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