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Memphis Express head coach Mike Singletary wasn’t a happy man after a missed call proved to be a dagger to their chances of winning.

Leading late in the 4th quarter with the Apollos driving, Orlando was faced with a 3rd & 5. However, the play clock hit :00 and a delay of game penalty should have been called.

However, delay of game was not called and the play ended up with a first down and the ball at the 2-yard line.

Mike Singletary was absolutely fired up about the unfortunate set of events and ran out onto the field as soon as the play clock expired.

Here’s our breakdown of what happened:

Singletary was hit with an unsportsmanlike conduct penalty for running onto the field and arguing with the refs, but his actions were justified. This was a major mistake by the crew in the waning minutes of a pivotal game. The Express had to win in order to have a shot at staying in playoff contention.

Singletary proceeded to state his case for over a few minutes, even calling a timeout so he could chew the officials out some more.

I loved seeing the fire from Singletary here, he cares about his team, he cares about his players, he cares about the officials DOING THEIR JOB, too.

This was not a good game for AAF officials, who have been fairly solid all season long. Many non-calls or bad calls occurred for both teams, it just so happens the last questionable call hurt the Express in a drastic manner, as the Apollos scored on this drive and won the game.

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