Photo Credit- TMZ

We’re going to keep this brief, TMZ recorded video of Johnny Manziel at a West Hollywood night club on Monday morning. Click Here for video.

Who cares, right? Well, I wouldn’t if he wasn’t in the AAF, but he is. Manziel got knocked out of the Memphis Express game on Saturday with a head injury and a day later he’s on the other side of the country late at night at a club.

Not a good look, Johnny, especially with the reputation you’ve earned.

The main issue with Manziel in this instance is the fact that he has been with the Express less than a month, and he needs every day and every waking hour to learn the playbook and to improve his craft. He should be having informal practices with a few wideouts on days off, not flying four hours to Los Angeles.

Whether Manziel got hammered or was clean as a whistle doesn’t really matter, what matters are the optics, for AAF execs and NFL execs alike. This type of decision-making will have NFL teams more hesitant to give Manziel an opportunity to participate in training camp.

Manziel has been saying all the right things since he joined the Alliance, but now we have a clear cut example of him not doing all the right things. Manziel should be at home watching game film, not in a club in southern California watching girls dance.