Just like Ben Kenobi was the only hope for the rebel alliance, Jerry Jones may be the only hope for the Alliance of American Football to stay afloat.

After AAF chairman Tom Dundon opted to terminate league operations on Tuesday, it has left the AAF in a very bad spot; find another majority investor or face the reality of not playing any more football games ever again.

Where does Jerry Jones fit in here? Well, Jerry has been one of the biggest supporters of the AAF around, and certainly the most prominent NFL owner repping the AAF, wearing an Alliance hat multiple times at the NFL Combine, and agreeing to host the Alliance Championship at his facility in Texas.

Jones is obviously intrigued by the league and sees value in it. Jones has long been a supporter of developmental leagues, and he’s also savvy enough to realize that the league needs time to grow and start turning a profit. All in good time.

As it stands right now, the AAF won’t be playing games this weekend, or ever again, unless something changes.

It remains to be seen if Jones interest in the AAF is nothing more than a little support here and there, but he has the capital to buy a major stake in the league and to turn it into something viable with his business smarts and connections.

This is a long shot, but so is every other idea that would translate into the AAF being saved.

But at the very least, we hope Mr. Jones sees this article and decides to throw some dough to the AAF.

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